WELCOME TO Maxkart Beauty

The Formulas, the textures, the packaging- it's all done using inputs from our customers! Team Maxkart wants to create a beautiful community like no other 🙂

We're a team of makeup enthusiasts who want to give you products that you can use every day (and look pretty on your shelf.

We are also a cruelty-free brand. In today’s modern world it is not just a product that we are selling. We are here to provide you with a better lifestyle. A better and healthier lifestyle. And we make sure that our customer’s beliefs are reflected in us, a brand they are choosing. We assure you that the testing is done according to the safe standard protocols and never on any animals for months. And then we send it around to some of our media friends who use it and give us the most honest review they can.

So, go ahead and pick your faves Cosmo.
Rule the world

Why Maxkart Beauty

100% Vegan

Free Of Animal Cruelty

Free Of Harmful Chemicals

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